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I am Donielle or Stush to my Dolls, a multifaceted stylist located in the Jamaica section of Queens, New York. 


I found my love for the practice of cosmetology while participating in a high school vocational program. Since then, I have gone on to receive a number of certifications in hairstyling and I have been working professionally in the field for five years. Despite all of that, I think it is very important for any professional in any field to continue to learn throughout their professional career and when I am not doing hair, I am attending one of the many learning opportunities offered in my industry.


I primarily operate a home based business. I have found that working in this atmosphere provides my clients with a level of comfort and personal attention that produces a reciprocal trust between a client and her stylist.


I specialize in full installs and custom units. I work to promote protective styles for clients with natural hair as well as those in transition. However, my skills are not limited to the before mentioned and I can work with a variety of styles and hair textures. My "Stush Dolls" are my passion and I encourage all potential clients to reach out to me for a full texture and style consultation before committing. This helps to alleviate pressure, diminish anxiety, and build confidence in both the stylist and the finished look.


Because of this personable approach I have taken to styling, I've managed to maintain a professional but friendly relationship with my Dolls. My Dolls satisfaction does not only come from looking fine, but also feeling fine when they leave my chair, and that is extremely important. Looking and feeling beautiful while being ourselves are both my mission and priority. I hope one day you too can become a Stush Doll!




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